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Dollah D
Genre Hip Hop
Country British Columbia
Years active 2004-present
WEB dollahd.com

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Kelowna, BC - Dollah D has been making a buzz across the border with the recent release of his debut album..

"Go Funk YaSelf" featuring well over a dozen Cali vets, but holds down his hometown with the release of his first music video..

"Kelownafornia" featuring fellow Street Kingz members Profreshnill & Phillie Tha Kyd. Kelownafornia has been playing on SunFM radio in Kelowna since it's release a couple months back..

And even hit the Top 6 most requested songs of the day for over a week straight. Dollah D's passion has always been old school G-Funk and westcoast flavor.

This hometown anthem definitely channels it. Dollah D's "Go Funk YaSelf" album was released August 18th on iTunes and other digital retailers.

It is is also currently available on exclusive 2GB USB's preloaded with the HD Video, Album, Artwork & Behind the scenes photos.

Don't forget to check out Dollah D's website at DollahD.com Artists: Dollah D Ft. Profreshnill & Phillie Tha Kyd Shot & Directed By: Kyle James-Patrick (The Deaf Institute) Label: Tactics Entertainment

Tell our readers, where your from..
Dollah D:
Kelowna B.C, Canada baby! haha

Where did your name originate from?
Dollah D:
I actually got my name from a homie out in brooklyn by the name of Devious

What is a typical day like for you?
Dollah D:
Normally i wake up, get the kids ready for the their day, feed them, dress them, and then i hit the lab for a good solid day of work. I've been workin hella hard on this "Go Funk Yaself" project.

Other then music what do you do to make that paper?
Dollah D:
Nothin, lol. Im all about this music all day everyday.

When did you first become introduced to hip-hop?
Dollah D:
I first started listening to hip hop/rap when Warren G's "G Funk Era" was released in 1994, which was a huge influence on my love for west coast music.

Coming up who were your influences in music?
Dollah D:
Damn...theres alot to go through. Warren G and Nate Dogg were definatly a big inspiration to my style (R.I.P Nate Dogg). Snoops "Doggystyle was HUGE for me. "Whats My Name" was one of the most bangin west coast jams to come out. N.W.A is definatly a big one since they were the godfathers and the beginning of gangsta rap. Some other big influences would be the whole DPG camp, 2 Pac and most definatly George Clinton.There are so many great artists out there, but these are some that stick out for me. Much Love for the West Period!!!

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Dollah D - Kelownafornia Ft. Profreshnill & Phillie Tha Kyd (Official Video)

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