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3rd Brillyance
Genre Hip Hop
City Mannheim, Germany
Years active 2002-present
WEB my.rawkus.com

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3rd Brillyance The group 3rd Brillyance was formed in Germany in 2006 by members AlexChadwick and Madd Astronoma. The producer/MC duo met through a mutual friend. After low expectations of each others’ music they were blown away on the first listen and instantly knew they needed to work together. This chemistry is part of what makes their music so significant. Both group members developed a passion for music at a young age. MC/ Producer AlexChadwick (who goes by his first and middle name) was born in Baton Rouge / Louisiana in 1983 where he grew up on artists like Master P, The Hot Boys, UGK, Eightball & MJG, just to name a few. Although being influenced by this kind of rap, listeners would describe his sound as east coast, underground or backpack.

He started rapping at the age of 9 when he and his friends rhymed over beats played on drum sets made of buckets. His musical talent is evident in his mastery of the bass guitar and piano. In 1986 Madd Astronoma (a name based on his interest in astronomy) was born in Japan as the child of members of the US Military and has traveled many places all over the planet. Growing up in North Carolina he played the saxophone for several years before being introduced to beat making by a friend in high school, which captured his interest. Once he came to Germany he started taking music more seriously. He is inspired by Hip Hop pioneers like J.Dilla, DJ Premier and others.

His love for traditional instruments has an impact on his beats as you hear a lot of 70’s soul and jazz samples. After combining their styles and making music for nearly a year a competition revealed by Rawkus records caught 3rd Brillyance attention. In February 2007 Rawkus announced the “Rawkus 50” competition where 50 independent rap artists would be chosen to release an album on Rawkus and given the opportunity to take their career from rapping on the corner to being supported by one of Hip Hop’s most trusted brands. 3rd Brillyance was one of the selected as their debut album “Grass Roots” will be released around September 2007 on Rawkus Records.

On their future releases the duo will keep representing honest Hip Hop. Not striving for a commercialized sound, they will continue to give true music from their hearts, wanting for people to respect them and recognize that they really do it for the love of the music. Their goal is to put out a brand of Hip Hop that would be timeless and help build the culture of Hip Hop for better causes. Inspired by life and the 3rd member of 3rd Brillyance (which happens to be none other than Music) this promising duo wants to take every opportunity given them and make the best of it. Being fans of each others’ music they constantly inspire each other to step their game up and work to the best of their ability. Asking them to define their music they will tell you that it is a reflection of their love for Hip Hop and the desire to put out real music in times where the saying “Hip Hop is dead” turned into a publicity stunt.


Where you living, where you holdin it down? Alex: Right now I’m living in Mannheim Germany.

What is the significance of your name? Alex” Well everybody wants to know who the third member of the group is. Well we consider it a hidden member. I’m the first brilliance, Madd is the second, and the music is the third. We look at music as a spirit an actual living presence. We feed off the energy of other music and not just our own. Music affects the lives, thoughts, and actions of us all.

When did you first become introduced to hip hop? Alex: I believe I was like 8 or 9 yrs old. I remember staying up with my brother watching Yo MTV Raps!!!

What artists/people in your life intrigued you to start emceeing? Alex: Well it was my older Brother Kevin. Dude always would always have ciphers with my other cousins. Hip Hop was a big thing when I was growing up. It was actually the coolest thing to do then. I mean I was hard in the 90’s so the flat tops and parts in your hair was the biggest thing popping. Now that’s brownie points added to if you can actually rap….LOL!!

How would you describe your style? Alex: I would describe it as simplistic and conceptual. No big punch lines, just conceptual dope rhymes over dope beats. 3rd Brillyance has a real soulful feeling. Every record we do has to be conceptual. Something that can have an impact on someone’s life.

What artists are you currently going to be working with? Alex: A Female emcee out of Columbus Ohio by the name of Dominique Larue. We are trying to get together an album/mixtape. Girl is one dope female emcee.

Who would you enjoy to work with? Alex: Any emcee or producer that has an ambition to make good music. No exceptions!!!

Tell me about your current projects, whens your album drop? Alex: Well, I’m working on my mixtape right now along with album number two from 3rd Brillyance. Also we are cooking up some soul with Dominique Larue and working on a benefit album for a situation going on out in Louisiana (JENA 6). Some kids are being racially profiled. We just contributed a song to that album. Log on to our myspace and stay posted on the details of the album. Our Album GRASSROOTS is available now digitally on Rawkus Records, but the hardcopies are being released in October.

Who is doing the production? Alex: Madd Astronoma of course and maybe I will get a little taste of production when I can.

Who are your favorite producers? Alex: Madd Astronoma, 9th Wonder, DJ Jazzy Jeff, K-Murdock, Dj Premiere, Pete Rock, Eminem, DJ Toomp, Mannie Fresh, Ill Mind, Krysis, Kanye West, Marley Marl…..man the list just flows.

What producers would you like to work with? Alex: 9th wonder, DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Premiere

What one reason would you give your fans, to go out and buy your album? Alex: There is substance in every song and everything in this music is relevant in today’s society. Its conceptual and I like to say that it is definitely timeless People recognize real music when they hear it.

Will you be doing any touring? What shows/events are you going to wreck? Alex: We are gonna catch up to some Rawkus 50 dates in the future. We are currently working on booking shows In Germany, Paris, Switzerland, and Australia.

What would you say makes you different from the average MC? Alex: Well I can be a lot more humble than most. I have no arrogant swag, but if you wanna be competitive I can definitely swing with you in that box too. I try to stay humble most of the time though.

What emcee's do you currently listien to? Mos Def like everyday, Little Brother, Nas, Common, Young Buck, Chamillionare and a lot of my fellow Rawkus 50 artist,

Whats your formula, how do you come up with the concepts for your songs? Alex: There is no formula. I just do what I feel. Sometime Madd’s beats will just speak to me immediately and sometimes I would really have to sit and think. Sometimes Madd would bring the concept to me and I work from that, but there is no set formula.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years in hip hop? Alex: Still grinding, but making even better music. I will beHaving fun making the music and still having total creative control of the craft…meaning still being able to write whatever I want. I know I can still talk about the things from the first album 10 years from now and still be relevant.

Where do you see hip hop in 5 to 10 years? Alex: Back to the root elements. Hopefully Emcees get real props for being creative and conceptual. The stuff that is underground now will be in what we call the mainstream media in those years. People are listening and they are going to get tired of that Bullshit music. So

you have any final words for our community and the prospects of hip hop? Alex: just have fun with the music and appreciate it as an art form. Use hip hop to change lives in a positive way. Don’t do it just to jump on the bandwagon. You gotta have a real heart for it to do it. Don’t waste time making music with no impact. It will not do you any good. Also go and download the Rawkus release entitled “GRASSROOTS” available now on www.indie911.com Hard copies will be available soon so stay tuned!! Also we go a exclusive hip hop community on the Rawkus network. Log on to www.my.rawkus.com and create your profile today.

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/3rdBrillyancemusic

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