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2 Pistols
Genre Hip Hop
City Tampa, FL
Years active 2006
WEB twitter.com/2pistols

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Whats going on tell our readers where your from..

Its ya boy 2pistols... down in Florida man, gunshine state all day...

Down here in Tampa during the day, got a spot down in 305, spot in the 813, 727, this florida, just living that florida life.

Tell our readers where your name originates from?

My name originates from, I got a female cousin doing some fed time... on the streets

people use to say I was two people... I acted like two different people depending on what the circumstances were. I kick it with the females and if I got a good vibe with a female, then I will be layed back... but then if something goes crazy, I'll switch it to somebody else.. and me being a gymini people be like your like two you differnt people and she use to call me 2pistols all the time...

and one time back in 06, I had a caught a little charge and on the affadavent they had 2pistols on it.. once I got out of that situation

so once I got out of that situation, I didnt want to take someones name like Al Capone, some big mob bosses name and use it. So I use my name which was given to me by the streets of my area

I got to give it to you thats mad original..

Yeah for sure.. I mean its different, when I did it, I had a brother.. who had passed away in prison, he was like man why would you do that you cant go and accept an award and it say 2pistols on it.. man people gonna shy away from it.. I mean at the time I was 16 when I was given the name.. I didn't pay attention to awards and shit.. I see on BET they have to put 2P they can't put 2pistols.. so now i'm trying to get away from 2pistols and just make it 2P.. because it has blocked some spots for me.. that woulda been sharp.. because I think i'm a marketing individual and labels can do different things for me..

What's your deal with Cash Money?

My situation with Cash Money is more of a partnership.. its not a typical artists deal.. I know there's alot of artists that got there deals.. its more of a partnership.. Blood Money Union Ent is the same type deal as Young Money.. young money is distributed through Cash Money, Universal/Motown and Blood Money Union Ent is distriubted through Cash Money, Universal/Motown its a ceperate entitiny.. I mean I involve myself with everything thats Cash Money/Young Money originited.. my release of my new record Text Buddy is something I released from my own company.. and once I get into where I need to be.. they will come in.. but its up to my company to find the single and build it up from the ground up...

Can you go a little more indepth on your label status..

I mean I was signed to Justice League and there production company and my last project was distributed through Universal Republic.. I didn't brand my Blood Money Union Ent company as much as I should have the first go around.. Im brand new.. I've only been in this game.. this is like my 2nd year.. alot of people expect alot of stuff to be crazy this way or that way... because I had a top 5 original record, sold 1.5 million digital.. alot of people look at the situation and put me in the realm of alot of MCs that been in the game for a minute.. I mean Drake has been able to live up to the expectation because the companies going hard body form.. I thought alot of my.. not.. I guess.. not.. graduale continual success.. alot of negativitive that was done on the business side.. so I couldn't fully take advantage of the opportunity that was put out for me..

Dj Khaled just joined the Cash Money team.. what's you feelings on that?

Khaleds on it.. Khaled is always in the studio.. I was in the studio when the money to blow record.. he said you know this is a number one right.. the Money To Blow record and I had jumped on the remix.. so Khaled is love man.. from the begning this didn't happen over night.. Khaled been around Cash Money for a minute.. and its always been love.. we got love in Miami the whole port region

The New Single Text Buddy.. its going hard.. how'd you come up with that concept?

I mean.. Im trying to get back at these females.. in the lane where I feel comfortable at.. I mean I got my videos that give me my street preccese.. I've kinda shying away from doing alot of mixtapes.. I want to do mixtapes.. but it has to be done with the right DJs.. and it has to be promoted the right away.. I mean I say a lot on my records.. but I don't feel like those records have been put to the fore front.. I mean they want me to dumb down my raps and say something real simple and let the hook lead.. let it runs its course.. I mean those are the records that win for me.. I mean I cant really go away from a record that wins for me.. although I would like to be more lyrical and be more indepth.. but like I said this is my 2nd year man.. just gimmie time.. I only will get better with time..

So your saying they are asking you to dumb down your lyrics.. is that something Cash Money or Universal is making you do?

No i'm not saying them.. there's a certain way.. and I like the single that way.. I pitch it around to captains in my circle and we all evalute the record.. its like yo.. you got that feel.. but I think your saying entirely too much.. I mean the people who actually go out and support your music.. your audience.. if you give them that.. they aint gonna want to buy that.. they wanna buy this.. so I mean I wanna go where the monies at.. feel me.. I aint doing music just to do it.. I have passion and love for music.. but at the end of the day.. I'm trying to get to the money.. I mean I'm a hustler dog.. I'm not just a rapper.. Im not trying to get in here and be extra lyrical.. Im really trying to go to what sales.. what ever sells and whatever works for me.. im with it.. I would have done anything AT ALL! period, that would have still kept my face clean.. out here in society.. other than hustling.. I came from that.. I mean I got 30-40 cousins in feds right now from streets so.. my family, my last name in my area is not the best thing, we always look like we up to something that involves drug trafficking.. so I think that anything that took me away from that life style to be able to do something different is cool as long as its about some money.. i'm about money off top.. stay on that hustle

That's real talk, we all trying to make that bread..

Na.. I mean.. everybody got a game.. everybody gonna have there thing.. I got positive feedback.. females is vibing with the Text Buddy record.. my album Arrogant.. its gonna be more of me.. I titled it Arrogant because I called that so much on a lot of decisions and choices I made through out the process from the 08 release til now.. I changed alot.. Slim told me.. you do you.. we got you.. you aint got no typical artist deal.. whatever the people wanna hear.. that's what im gonna give them on the album.. I'm not gonna give them something that they don't really like and force them to something they aint really trying to buy in to..

What's a typical day like for you..

A typical day.. sometimes real real early.. sometimes real late when I'm getting up.. I don't try to sleep too much. Dont nothing come to you in sleep but dreams.. I try to record every night.. I'm trying different stuff.. pop records, urban records, street records, club records. I'm on Ciroc and Grey Goose for the female records.. on my street records I'm on some straight purple.. I might sip straight Yak..

Other than music.. what you doing to make that bread..

I got a little movie rolled up.. Im into trying to do anything.. I want to play my part and try to get into acting. I'm going to put out some other artists once I finish building.. for the time being its all about focusing on 2pistols.. wether it be movies.. if I get my cash up and put it into stocks.. buy a football team.. whatever.. I don't really have just one thing I'm doing.. whereever opportunity presents itself I'm gonna take advtange.. flippin houses.. you name it.. my hustle right now.. I got a point to proove. I'm doubted, I'm an underdog.. people lookin at me like I'm a one hit wonder.. I'm gonna show folks, I'm gonna do it.. I do this because I enjoy it, I'm a competitor.. undastand, I wanna be one of these top dogs, ima get this money.

Coming up, who were you influnces in music..

I gotta say T.I, I always buy T.I, I always buy Jay Z, I always buy Rick Ross regardless of what critics say.. I always buy Lil Wayne, that's my four right there. If Too Short wanna drop a album I'll go get it too.. Pimp C ain't here.. RIP.. UGK, Bun B.. influnce wise.. its just hustles man.. I always took everybody and see what things I thought they did wrong.. I take their wrongs.. and I don't go in that direction.. I take there positive aspects and I put em together and see how I can take advantage.. even with rap.. If I feel like an artist should have said this or done that.. that's my opinion and what I feel.. so when I go to make a record.. that's how I go on it.. if they say something dope.. they get their points on that.. you can't hate a person for what they got.. I always wanna compete

You got a good work ethic..

Defiantley.. its working for me.. gettin it in!

So anyone that's unfamiliar with your work how would you describe your style..

My style, I don't even want to put a name on my style.. I just want to be labeled as a hustler.. no matter what angle.. I'm trying to get to the money.. that's my number one thing.. I was on the phone earlier with Dj Smallz.. you be trying to get that money!!!! I wanna be know as a go getter.. That's why Cash Money fits... I gotta say blood money entertainment, is not in any sense a gang refrence. I went in with this company and I started this company with family individuals.. the money I got and the money I put together on starting out this journey and doing this music thing, was done with blood family individuals, they my actual family, my mamma and they daddy are brother and sisters, its a family thing, so I dont know cats get the tag, cats throwing up B's, I want to clarify that, I got love for whatever, I'm not really throwing up flags, Blood Money Entertainment, is Blood Money, I'm just trying to get to the Money..

Whats cats you currently working with, who's in the studio with you?

I've been getting records from a lot of different people, got a record from Kelly Rowland the other day.. thats dope. Hasn't really been a lot of in the studio stuff, its been mostly you send it and we'll do it. I got a record just jumped on this gangsta record with Wyclef.. behamian.. all my Island folk I go down there and kick it or whatever.. that's how I feel how I seperate myself from a lot of different artists. Where I can get that carribean market to vibe with me, I'm doing a rap/raggee mixtape right now with DJ Scream. Shyne reached out on some records. so i'm probally gonna do a record with him. I'ma let that run its course. Like I said got that Kelly Rowland record, that Brisco joint.

So tell us about all your current projects you got going on, you said you got those joints coming out with Wayne and Rowland.. any other mixtapes like State-Side.. ?

I kinda, if I do a mixtape its gotta be done right, I haven't really been doing mixtapes, I got one out Real Nigga Radio mixtape with Bigga Rankin.. its on Dat Piff.. it go hard.. as far as the streets and the south. I got a mixtape with DJ Dammit - Hollow Tip Music a Shadyville DJ, that was done, he's out in Germany.. its stuff online thats there, for the people that follow my music that they can grab. But what I've noticed nobody pays attention to a whole entire 2pistols mixtape, everybody pays attention to the singles. They aren't grabbing that and taking advantage of that body of work. My first album.. my debut album Death Before Dishonor was so slept on. The White Girl record At the time I did the record with those individuals if you listen to the record and think about that time frame in 2008, the album should have sold far more copies than what it sold. The people aren't grabbing that body of work of 2pistols, they just grabbing that single.. you know what I'm saying "I Like That Single, I Like This One Record" my whole thing now to keep my relivence.. I'm gonna drop my videos and paint that picture of what I be on that record in the video, instead of just giving you mixtapes. I didn't come from mixtapes, I came from a huge single release. If it aint broke I'm not gonna fix it. So i'm gonna give you some singles, but for the ones that want to hear the street raps and the full realm of a project from me, just tune in to these DJs mixtapes and we gonna get two or three records here and there.. you gonna get that for the free. But for those that are die hard 2pistol fans they gonna get that music.

You got any shows lined up lately, or in the near future?

I got a tour I'm gonna get ready to jump on, this college tour. I'm doing a bunch of promo based, radio promo tour, college tour, I did the Dub tour. I want to see how the record fold out, it all dictates on the record. I got little shows here and there.. Ima get my spot.. I did a spot way out in a country town, for a gang of cash, they came out and showed love. I got a date getting ready to come up in Palm Springs, CA... I'm hustling, ima keep getting to the money..

So where do you see your self in the industry in the next 5 to 10 years?

I'm trying to have a position like LA Reid, ya feel me... I'ma live this dream... I can't really say where I'll be.. but I got big goals.. when I jumped in this I wasn't even a rapper.. I had artists underneath me, I was trying to get those artists heard and I was carring about there career. The picture they were painting people wasn't really liking it.. they wasn't belieable.. so I took my background, my money, I want to be a business man a CEO and run a company and put artists out and have that good relationship with my artists. I never really wanted to be a rapper. My passion for music is there, but its not for being an artist. You got to realize, I'm an artist, the ceo, the a&r I'm all that over here by myself. Keep this shit a float.. or put some holes in it and go to the bottom of the ocean.

What final words do you have for our community and the up and coming artists?

This game, it is exactly what you want it to be. Don't come in here thinking it something else. I can't say its a good thing, I'd prefer for a lot of these dudes, if you got the opportunity to be a doctor or a politician, if you got the opportunity to go to college, do it! If my mamma and dad had the money, I woulda been in college, I mean my grandmother died in prison. My mom and dad still in the streets to this day. Hip Hop saved really my life, if I didn't have a microphone to go and vent I don't know where I would have been. If I wasn't using my voice to get this money, I would have been doing a lot of different things. For the critics and the ones who say you can't do this that and the other and are so judgemental, If I wasn't doing this.. then we might be outside your house.. so take heed and be appreciative that I'm doing something legitament with my life and I'm not out there knocking people over and trying to get in your pockets... I got to say the state of hip hop and how hip hop is right now. I just feel there's not enough real niggas in this shit right now.. there's a lot of niggas that had a life given to them, who had the opportunity to do something else. Or they was the niggas in school with the tag on the back of the shirt saying "Kick Me" and niggas was kicking em, and they took their money.. or they mamma or they daddy who helped em and gave them that lane to jump in and they jumped in and got in a position of power and control. Their the type who are fucking up the game for real niggas that are trying to get in the game who don't have any other choice but this shit. Those are the ones that fuck this game up. They didn't have to do this, they didn't have to be involved in this... they just chose to do it because they didn't like their situation. But that's life though, I mean hip hop is life.. I got a saying music is not what I do.. its who I am... I'm more than a concept.. 2pistols baby!!!!!

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