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Genre Hip Hop
City New Jersey
Years active ? - present
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Premavara has worked with 2 platinum producers www.DanKorneff.com , He has worked with Dan Korneff Multi-Platinum Producer, (Papa Roach, Breaking Benjamin, Paramore, My Chemical Romance) on 3 tracks... .... He has also worked on tracks with The Game, Styles P, Canibus, M-Eighty, Killah Priest, U-God Of Wutang, & My Boy from The Pharcyde Slimkid3, BlackKey & Eagle.

Premavara has hit #12 out of top 40 on Ughh.com for a track with Canibus. Styles P track coming soon.

Premavara has opened for acts such as Questlove of The Roots, Members of Wutang, shows with Canibus, M-Eighty, and Keith Murray, Beanie Sigel and Peetie Crakk.. which the Cops ruined.

Singles in 8 countries & 3 continents. Premavara's mindstate is to not stop until they have made a name for themselves, which has already been established. The new record has tracks with Slimkid3 of the Pharcyde, Styles P, U-God of Wutang Clan, Killah Priest, Canibus, M-Eighty & The Game/Killah Priest/and Saigon's mixtapes.

Premavara has broke the plain between hip hop and rock and a has done it harder, better, and with more passion than a lot of Hip Hop artists in the rock genre combined.

If you need Production, by a beat maker/Producer/engineer.... speak with Premavara. They have worked with the greats and have distributed about 8,900 records straight out the trunk in PA, NJ, CA, & DE...With no problems. Premavara has ran out of records before they could run out to get more.

The future of great music in the vein of Hollywood Undead, Rage Against the Machine, and P.O.D as well as Linkin Park (240 million sold). Premavara has worked with 2 platinum/gold producer/engineers, Dan korneff (Paramore, Breaking Benjamin, My Chemical Romance) and Scott Stallone (Jedi Mind Trick, The Clipse)..

Premavara has also hit #12 on UGHH.com with Canibus and Gmoney for "the Merchant of Metaphors"... Against Talib Qweli, Black Thought Of The Roots, Dove of De La Soul... As well as Vinnie Paz of Jedi Mind Tricks, Q-Tip of Tribe Called Quest and many others....

Tell our readers, about Premavara..

Well I hit recently hit the Top 40 along with Ghostface Killah of Wu-Tang Clan feat. Raekwon & Method Man,Redman: Atmosphere (Slug+Ant), The Best Day, Saigon feat Black Thought of The Roots Talib Kweli on 2 records, Ghostface Killah Wu-Tang Clan feat Black Thought of The Roots, Black Sheep feat. Q-Tip of Tribe Called Quest, Trugoy the Dove-Dave of De La Soul, and out of #40, I hit #12 on UGHH.com. and I topped out at #12 out of 40 songs. My last 3 track were mixed by Dan Korneff (Paramore, Breaking Benjamin, Papa Roach, A Day to Remember, The Almost, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus)... My New style is emerging as Hip hop hardcore with rock, emo and punk under and overtones.... In the vein of Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park but with grit. My Premavara family Kidcraze (left,) Premavara (Middle,) Eagle (Right) also A.D.D, Blackkey aka Flow and DJ JD... out of 3.3 million on Soundclick.com I made the top 1% (Meaning i'm one of the best beatmakers in the world), Ourstage.com/premavara Top 40 & top 10 video for "The Streets feat U-God of Wutang and Blackkey Of Premavara fam, Supposedly it's playing in MTV Europe as far as I know, and UGHH.com I hit #12 in the top 40 with heavy heavy hitters.

Where did your name originate from? My last Name Lacovara and it's Italian and Greek roots.

Your doing some big things, tell our readers about your experience working with Killah Priest & The Pharcyde along with the other larger caliber artists your collaborating with..

Working with Killah Priest and M-Eighty along with eagle & Blackkey (Sweden) was a dream come true. Those cats are so prolific and blessed in their emcees skills. Killah Priest and M-Eighty are friends and they are just so sick. Slimkid3 of the Pharcyde along with M-Eighty are like mentors to me. They coached me through my mistakes and Slimkid3 is the first emcee that gave me a chance. He sparked the rest and he honestly is such a wonderful person and is blessed with family that he gets his great name from. I'd say he was my favorite emcee when LABCABINCALIFORNIA came out and to work with him just felt like it was a dream come true. Canibus, has such incredible Lyrical skills... He is so hard to follow and hard to compete with. He is True HIP HOP and his new record "Lyrcial Law" will show that. Bis, mad props and luv to you bro. U-God and working with someone from Wutang along with Scott Stallone of Foundsound studios was awesome. Domingo Uee's Mgt was mad cool, we had a blast in the studio, and I always loved U-God's spit in Wutang. he is very prolific and that's what I like.

What's a typical day like for you? Emails, 150 of em, check all websites, then studio or shooting the 4 videos for the record.. then maybe we perform and do a show somewhere. Sometimes in the park with no permits or money. guitar box down and kick it.

What was it like for you growing up in Camden? Actually cool. camden was nice when i was young, Since i was the only white kid on the block I fought everyday but made friends right after bloody and all. So it was cool. 37th and Westfield ain't the Hood hood... But it ain't peaches and cream either. but I loved growing up there. Between there and Pennsauken, it gave me my urban roots. Which I feel blessed everyday to have.

What's the main difference for you working with Punk Rock producers rather than Hip Hop producers? Live Drums, less programming involved on Punk Rock, Guitars , Bass, any live instrumentation is harder to mix and then master. Although I have had quick mixes with guitars and bass before. Depends on the producers and engineers. I'm lucky. Dan Korneff and Scott Stallone have worked on a few of my tracks on this record and they are incredible at what they do.

Coming up who were your influences in music? Blues, Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf, Robert johnson, lil Walter, Willie Dixon, Mississippi Delta Blues. I took that and found Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day. Mobb Deep, KRS-One, Channel Live, Mad izm, my favorite song in 1995 aside from Runnin by the Pharcyde. So, it grew from there.

You did some DJing, how was that experience? I spun college parties, house parties, house, Hip Hop, dance, top 40.... DJ JD is my Premavara family DJ and he is nasty with the cut and sick with the transitions... We have Behringer gear, DJ mixer, Compressors, Mic pres, Eq's, Pa's and bugera Amp with the 1960 british bite monster. sounds like an Orange guitar head mixed with a Marshall JCM800. IT IS SICK. Thanks Behringer and Bugera! My sponsors! And Ernie ball gets love for throwing us some swag! thanks guys!

How would you describe your style of production? Hip Hop mixed with live instrumentation, Guitar lines, real bass, leads, solos, Acoustic sometimes, Samples only from ourselves... Using Reason, Reason record, Cubase 5 ,6, and Nuendo with Logic occasionally. We play with a lot of sounds and differnt amps and what not to get the guitars sounding right, Line 6 pod's help us, and always Tube amps. Golden Age pre 73 Mic pres with the 1960 Bugera amp and Behringer products we have a lot of success with our sounds. Looking for that vodka sponsor, Skyy is on our radar, and a lil cali kush tops off the true sounds of an artform known as producing. NOT BEAT MAKING. I bring the best performances out of my emcees, singers, artists, and write melodies and hooks, and make it fit. That's a real producer.

What other tracks are in the works? Looking at another Killah Priest track, love working with priest and M-Eighty, Wu Harlem 6 and AGR, Jordan Green, Ely, Gmoney, LEAF, Premavara family's album "The Commission" will be a collaboration with everyone we can get as a mixtape with singles to sell but those artists are definitely going to be in the pool somewhere along the line.

Who would you enjoy to work with? Daryl Palumbo, Shady records, Cage, Atmoshpere, Styles P, Sheek and Jadakiss, all of D-Block... and Jacoby of Papa Roach... The Wu Harlem 6, RZA RZA RZA! And Producer wise, dave Bendeth, Dan korneff, Kato and john of House of Loud, Jeff Blue, Atlantic records, But these have been my big ones that I'd die to work with Daryl Palumbo, Shady records, Cage, Atmoshpere, Styles P, Sheek Louch and Jadakiss.

What's your plans for the summer? TOUR TOUR TOUR, Shows in Philly with Lyrically fit, Jay grady, sjout outs to him for keep the underground Hip Hop scene rolling in Philly. Showcase for 5 labels and Publishing companies, a reality TV series, North Carolina, and South Carolina are calling me. Architect has some big shows poppin including Keith murray (Love Keith and Redman) and may feature your boy Premavara in some so touring and promoting my new record "Boiling Point"

What one reason would your fans say separates you from the norm?

Instrumentation with the surprise factor on every different track I bring something different. and my vocals are not expected when you know me. i'm angry on the inside, but calm on the out.

What would you say makes you stand out from the crowd? I write, record, produce all my own material from scratch. play 12 instruments, lay live guitars, bass, Blues, Harmonica, Singers from Rock, I'm like a cross between Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park with Different under and overtones and my own signature. I have a style all my own, and my live show is FEROCIOUS!!!!!!

What's currently in your MP3 player? Daryl Palumbo and all cardboard City recs! Tech N9Ne, Styles P, Eminem, Jay-z, Prodigy, Mobb deep, Capone, GLASSJAW "Our Color Green", House of Blow, Cage, Atmosphere, Wutang and the Wu Harlem 6 "Ode to Wu" Track, Hot, M-Eighty's "Taking back what's Mine" awesome record, The Killah Priest hosted by Tha Advocate 15.5 Digitial Dynasty mixtape, Kurupt the young gotti! Jedi Mind tricks, Slimkid3, Canibus, U-God "Dopium", Premavara's latest stuff that's on www.premavara.com , Gmoney and Payroll, LEAF emcee from CMD! CIRCA SURVIVE!!!! love that band! Limp Bizkit & Linkin Park,

At HipHop.org we like to ask a few questions out of norm... so here we go.. Cool shoot!

What's your feelings on “The Macho Man Randy Savage” passing away? Sad man, He was a wrestling icon, but a lot of wrestlers pass away from steroid use and percs use. percs are an epidemic in this country. Methadone should be outlawed, it's a Nazi made synthetic drug anyways just like meth and Suboxone treatment I believe is best. I know, I'm a recovering opiate addict and I deal with it everyday.

Do you think Judgment Day's coming.. with all this strange weather we are having across the country? It's possible the earth is going thru a 160 million year evolution but I'm tight with God & JC so bring it on. I'm ready, My soul, heart and mind are God's to do what he wishes.

Do you think Bin Laden should have had a trial or the Navy Seals made the right call? Definitely... Burning that MotherF*cker on the cross in the names on the thousands of Americans that died in vein. Burn him alive in the fired gates of hell for all eternity for what he did to NYC. But NYC as we all know, Came back strong, Bonded together, and made it out of the ash. I was playing CBGB's 3 days prior. So F*ck Bin Laden, Would we have given a trial to Adolf hitler, I don't think so. eff em both! Burn in Hell!

Superhead or Amber Rose? Superhead no question.... My god what i would do. But i'm engaged and today is my 3 year anniversary... so sorry Superhead, My fiancee' Kate got ya beat out. She's a dime who models too. And she loves me for me.

Back to the norm..

Jay Z or Eminem? Both, They are both icons that give back to Hip Hop and the community.... I respect both of them in their respected cities for what they do. I think they are both incredibly talented and just overall great. Remember they are people though, so don't wave em down when they are out trying to eat or whatever, They have lives too ya know.

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us, any final feelings, plugs or shout outs? The new record "Boiling Point" feat all the emcees above, and Premavara family Eagle, Kidcraze, BlackKey, A.D.D & DJ JD. Maybe a new member too... Ely expect a phone call. haha. Big shouts to M-Eighty, His Record "Taking back What's Mine" hosted by DJ Vlad feat RZA, Killah Priest, and Many man others like Timbo King, MASTA KILLA, 60 SECOND ASSASSIN, & POPA WU, CANIBUS, KEITH MURRAY, & BRONZE NAZARETH, Doe Boy, Son One, GUCCI MANE & SHADOW, Redman (My favorite Emcee with Styles P and Skeek Louch, and Killah Priest, Honorable mention Tech N9Ne mos definitely), and an emerging artist Jaecyn Bayne that recently did a track with Premavara, M-Eighty, The Game, yes... The Game, And Eagle of Premavara family & others... Mad props to the Ambassador of HIp HOP M-Eighty.... yes...The Ambassador of hip hop. Mad luv and shout outs to my peoples Killah Priest and tha Advocate, also Slimkid3 of the Pharcyde, AGR of Wu Harlem 6 who has a new single available on iTunes "Ode to Wu", doing big thing AGR what up fam?!!! , Canibus with his new record Lyrical law!!!!! Pre-Order your copy now on Facebook Bis your my boy, keep killing em! His new record is ridiculous, anyone who believe Canibus ain't dope smoking dope, you need to buy the record and eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner because He IS HIP HOP just like SLIMKID3... U-God and his new tracks with big ups to all of Wutang!

A new type of track we're streaming "The Life of Pills" by Premavara feat Mike hak of Fell Far behind... Emo/HipHop/Rock, amazing track. and "Warfare" by Premavara feat Eagle and Kidcraze of Premavara family. that will be on Saigon's new mix tape hosted by Tha Advocate Digital Dynasty 16.0 with "Remember When" feat Killah Priest, M-Eighty, Eagle, Blackkey and all music and production as well as Instrumentation by Premavara. One of my favorite tracks now going to be on it's 4th album, M-Eighty's hosted by DJ Vlad. "PremAmerica" "Boiling Point" both premavara fam records...and Saigon's new mixtape with Tha Advocate so MAD SHOUT OUTS TO BOTH Tha Advocate and Saigon. I'm Blessed to be on those mixtapes.

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